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February 2004

Welcome to 2004! I hope it’s a happy, safe, rewarding, and prosperous one for you!


The end of 2003 was a transition year of sorts for me. With great sadness my assistant of 4 years, Suzanne Tarantino, left my employ to open her own business here at Lake Tahoe. About that same time, I was finishing up novel #16, “Plan of Attack,” working on a couple new projects, finishing up the soccer refereeing season, and getting ready for the holidays.

Enough excuses already! Bottom line: my “ReaderMail” e-mails went unheeded until my good friend and Webmaster, Bill Parker at, reminded me that I had almost ONE THOUSAND e-mails sitting in the mailbox!

You think you’re frustrated getting twenty e-mails and only two are legitimate? Well, the percentage was just about the same for “ReaderMail.” I now believe I have seen every possible version of junk e-mail in existence.

I have now rescued all the e-mails from “ReaderMail,” and I’m able to retrieve e-mails again from that mailbox. In the future, however, please use:

for correspondence to me. That should be the last change in e-mail addresses for the foreseeable future!

Needless to say, it’ll take awhile to go through each and every one of those delayed e-mails. I apologize to all who have been awaiting a response. I do read all my e-mail, and I’ll respond to as many as possible, either personally or through my Web site,

Thanks in advance for your patience.

POST-STRIKE ANALYSIS: A look back on Operation Iraqi Freedom

I took a glance at my newsletters from this time last year, in the months leading up to the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). I’m happy that for the most part I called it pretty closely—but I’m dismayed at the areas where I totally blew it.


A look back on Operation Iraqi Freedom


22 December 2003

Mr. Brown,

First I will say that I am active duty Navy and have been in the Middle East since February. I was with 1st Marine Regiment and now at Naval Support Activity Bahrain. Anyway, I have very much enjoyed your books and even took my old copy of Old Dog to Iraq (unfortunately got shredded in a RPG attack). But I was wondering if you have ever thought or been approached about making some of your books into movies. I would have little doubt that they would do well. Just a question/suggestion. Thank you and have a Happy and Safe Holiday.


Replies to

Have a great February! See you next time! GBA, Dale…

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Plan Of Attack (MAY 2004)

The unthinkable is about to happen in this high-flying novel of adventure and suspense.

In Air Battle Force, Dale Brown introduced U.S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan and his air combat unit of the future. Armed with a force of these robotic planes, the general and a handful of commandos were secretly deployed to the oil-rich nation of Turkmenistan to stop a Taliban invasion. And though the Americans won the battle, the war is far from over....

To punish McLanahan and his fleet of robot warplanes for their audacity, Russian president General Anatoliy Gryzlov decides to do the unthinkable: a sneak attack on America-unlike anything ever believed possible-that devastates her strategic air forces.

McLanahan has collected information that not only foretold the Russians' daring plan, but also gave him the data he needs to plan a counterstrike that could stop the Russian war machine dead in its tracks. But Patrick is no longer in charge of Air Battle Force, and the Russian sneak attack has left the embattled U.S. president with few options: retaliate with every weapon in his arsenal, even if it triggers a global thermonuclear war, or to a cease fire on Russia's terms...

...or listen to a disgraced and discredited young bomber commander's long-shot plan of attack.

"The novels of Dale Brown brim with violent action, detailed descriptions of sophisticated weaponry and political intrigue... His ability to bring technical weaponry to life is amazing."
--San Francisco Chronicle

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