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SKYBIRD: Dale Brown's Ops Report January 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Glad we're all here to celebrate it together.

TAC DOCTRINE: What's a techno-thriller author's responsibility to society?

For all you folks who have written me over the years and never received a reply and were miffed about it, you might--or might not--be amused to learn that last month I had some sort of glitch with an e-mail server, and before I knew it Outlook was downloading almost SIX THOUSAND unopened e-mails to my Inbox!

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As of this writing, the elections in Iraq are four days away. I'll update this section as the results come in. But ahead of the elections, let me make a few predictions and observations:

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A local resident recently organized a local high school art competition. The winning artist, a high school senior, painted a picture of a skeletal woman with playing-card wings rising up through a nuclear mushroom cloud, with a light bulb in one hand and a pistol in the other.

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I'm always evaluating and re-evaluating my aircraft, flying skills, capabilities, and shortfalls. Buying, maintaining, and upgrading an aircraft is always a balancing act between maximum capability versus cost and desire versus actual flying needs and experience.

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EFFECTIVENESS REPORTS -- Replies to reader's e-mails to

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Thanks for visiting my Web site, for reading my novels, and sending your e-mails, and I'll see you next month!

GBA, Dale Brown

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Act Of War (June 2005)

ACT OF WAR introduces a whole new hero and a new conflict to techno-thriller fans around the world.

A series of deadly terrorist attacks in the United States and South America--including a nuclear attack near Houston, Texas--has the entire world on red alert. The attacks appear to be targeting an American energy company, but the terror group that calls itself GAMMA seems to be more than the anti-globalization, pro-environmental activists it claims to be.

Enter U.S. Army Major Jason Richter and his partner, Dr. Ariadna Vega of the Army Research Lab's Infantry Transformational BattleLab. These two young engineers have designed and built a land combat system designed to replace an entire motorized infantry squad: CID, or Cybernetic Infantry Device, a piloted robot with the speed and firepower of a weaponized Humvee, the strength of a bulldozer, and the agility of a special ops commando.

The hard-charging National Security Adviser, Robert Chamberlain, pairs Richter and Vega up with an FBI intelligence expert, Special Agent Kelsey DeLaine, and a veteran special ops expert, Command Sergeant Major Ray Jefferson, to form Task Force TALON, the first joint military-FBI unit charged with hunting down and stopping terrorists anywhere in the world. With CID's speed, power, weaponry, and amazing capabilities, combined with the talents of the U.S. Army and the investigative skills of the world's greatest detective agency, TALON is designed to put terrorists on the run around the globe.

But putting conflicting and single-minded personalities like Richter and DeLaine together is like mixing oxygen and gasoline: do it right and it produces horsepower--do it wrong, and it creates an explosion. Even the National Security Adviser can't seem to control his team. Can Task Force TALON survive long enough to hunt down GAMMA and its secret puppetmaster, the shadowy Consortium, before the next deadly attack?

"The novels of Dale Brown brim with violent action, detailed descriptions of sophisticated weaponry and political intrigue... His ability to bring technical weaponry to life is amazing."
--San Francisco Chronicle

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