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May 2004

Happy Second Anniversary!

This issue marks the second anniversary of SKYBIRD. As always, I'd like to thank each and every visitor for supporting me. Without you, none of this is possible.

I'd also like to thank the Guru, the guy that makes it all possible: Bill Parker, of Parker Information Resources, Bill Parker is an idea machine, and he makes it all possible. If you want to be on the Web, Bill Parker is the guy to talk to.

Also earlier this year, again because of Bill Parker's stewardship, and its various iterations ( and, all of which point to the original Web site run by Bill Parker) surpassed 100,000 visitors in 24 months. Compared to other sites, 4,100 visitors a month may not seem like a lot, but in my book it's an incredible achievement, and it's all because of Bill Parker's hard work. Thank you.


The Battle of Fallujah: Another Air Power victory

In a recent article in "The New Yorker" magazine on my newest novel "Plan of Attack," "The Talk Of The Town" columnist Ben McGrath quipped that I was rather critical of U.S. Central Command commander General Tommy Franks' performance in Operation Iraqi Freedom because he didn't use an QAL-52 Dragon airborne laser aircraft in his stunning defeat of the Iraqi military.

I concede the point and accept the jibe: I am an unabashed advocate of air power, the more advanced the better. However, when I was asked about the war, I said that Gen. Franks had a different mission than General Norman Schwarzkopf did in Operation Desert Storm. Schwarzkopf's mission was to remove the Iraqi military from Kuwait and eliminate the Iraqi military's threat to its neighbors; Franks' mission was to defeat the Iraqi military, take down the Saddam regime, and secure the country to eventually allow an elective government to be established, all with a minimum of civilian casualties and destruction of Iraq's infrastructure. Given the constraints of Franks' substantially more complicated mission, I thought he and his forces did and are doing a superb job.



Reader Mail from


Reader Mail

This just in from the Associated Press, 29 April 2004:

BALTIMORE — Army scientists are working on a liquid body armor for clothing that stays flexible during normal use but can harden to stop a projectile when hit suddenly. Researchers hope the liquid could be used in sleeves and pants, areas not protected by ballistic vests because they must stay flexible.

The liquid, hard particles suspended in a fluid, is soaked into layers of Kevlar, which holds it in place. Scientists recently had an archer shoot arrows at it to see how well the liquid boosted the strength of a Kevlar vest (search).


Associated Press, 29 April 2004


Listen to most of the evening news broadcasts, and you'd think reporters have uncovered the American version of North Vietnam's infamous "Hanoi Hilton" prisoner of war camp in the middle of the Coalition occupation of Iraq.


Abu Gharib prisoner photos

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Plan Of Attack (MAY 2004)

The unthinkable is about to happen in this high-flying novel of adventure and suspense.

In Air Battle Force, Dale Brown introduced U.S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan and his air combat unit of the future. Armed with a force of these robotic planes, the general and a handful of commandos were secretly deployed to the oil-rich nation of Turkmenistan to stop a Taliban invasion. And though the Americans won the battle, the war is far from over....

To punish McLanahan and his fleet of robot warplanes for their audacity, Russian president General Anatoliy Gryzlov decides to do the unthinkable: a sneak attack on America-unlike anything ever believed possible-that devastates her strategic air forces.

McLanahan has collected information that not only foretold the Russians' daring plan, but also gave him the data he needs to plan a counterstrike that could stop the Russian war machine dead in its tracks. But Patrick is no longer in charge of Air Battle Force, and the Russian sneak attack has left the embattled U.S. president with few options: retaliate with every weapon in his arsenal, even if it triggers a global thermonuclear war, or to a cease fire on Russia's terms...

...or listen to a disgraced and discredited young bomber commander's long-shot plan of attack.

"The novels of Dale Brown brim with violent action, detailed descriptions of sophisticated weaponry and political intrigue... His ability to bring technical weaponry to life is amazing."
--San Francisco Chronicle

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