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June 2002
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Let’s Stop Pussyfooting Around

Hopefully over the past few months you’ve noticed a pattern: when Israel marches tanks and bulldozers into Palestinian neighborhoods, the suicide bombings cease; shortly after the armor moves out, the bombings resume. In the weeks that Israeli tanks surrounded Yasser Arafat’s headquarters and occupied Ramallah, there were no suicide bombings. Less than a day after Arafat was released--more bombings, more innocent civilians killed.

Israel’s moves may sometimes seem heavy-handed and unfair--the Palestinian Authority has no tanks or attack helicopters--and certainly Israeli troops have killed or injured innocent civilians, but their tactics work. Israel does not target civilians--in fact, they put their own troops into considerable danger in an effort to not threaten innocent lives. When Israeli troops march into a dangerous Palestinian neighborhood armed only with rubber bullets and tear gas, that shows concern for innocent lives.

[IMAGE] When will the United States show the same kind of temerity? When will the United States start bulldozing the homes and headquarters of its enemies?

We are told almost every day that another terrorist attack is not only likely but inevitable--yet terror groups like Hamas are allowed to exist, psychopathic despots like Saddam Hussein and murderous thugs like Yasser Arafat are still in power, and we are actually fearful of what third-world nations like North Korea and Iran might do to us.

You might think: we can’t just go in and bomb somebody that does something bad to us. There is such a thing as “due process,” right? We can’t simply know that someone has attacked us--we must be able to prove it, right?

Wrong! The cat-and-mouse games must end.

Take a look at the No-Fly Zones, imposed on Iraq after the Persian Gulf War to prevent Saddam Hussein from taking his defeat out on the Kurdish citizens of his own country. The two No-Fly Zones over Iraq costs the United States nearly one hundred million dollars per month to patrol. Despite this enormous outlay of men, machines, and money, at one point in 2001, Iraq was firing one surface-to-air missile at our fighter jets per day.

No big deal, you say? True, no American aircraft have been shot down; one might argue that we want the Iraqis to fire on us so we can analyze their radars, destroy them, and cluster-bomb the launchers. No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong! We should immediately dismantle the No-Fly Zones and unequivocally, clearly state our real intentions: if you use your military forces or sponsored terrorist organizations to threaten anyone--Americans, Kurds, Kuwaitis, Saudis, Israelis--we will bomb your military bases, your telecommunications centers, your airfields, and your oil refineries. Refuse to allow United Nations weapons inspectors to inspect a factory or warehouse? Fine--we’ll destroy it instead.

Sound wrong to you? Too bloodthirsty? Unfair? Illegal? Immoral?

I am sitting in my office watching the HBO special on the attack on the World Trade Center. I am watching videotape of the murders of over three thousand innocent men, women, and children--sometimes hundreds at a time, as when the towers collapsed; sometimes one by one, as when people leapt to their deaths from hundreds of floors up. There--a picture of a dumpster filled with dead firefighters’ helmets. There--the confused, desperate faces of the families, hoping against hope that their missing loved ones might be found, much less found alive.

They were not combatants. They were innocents. You could almost understand an attack against the Pentagon, a military target--maybe even the White House or the Capitol, the seats of government. But against the World Trade Center? That complex had so many people in them that each tower had its own zip code--and they were all innocent victims of a dastardly, cowardly, treacherous plot.

Don’t talk to me about fairness, or legality, or morality, now or ever.

The rules have changed:

Any person, any nation, any organization that points a gun, explosive, missile, or blade at any American is an enemy that needs to be immediately and utterly destroyed. There is no negotiation; there is no trying reason, or understanding, or tolerance.

The United States military is not in the business of peacekeeping or peacemaking. If any President calls any military force into action, they should go in with devastating force and speed, destroy and kill with efficiency and audacity, take only as many prisoners as necessary to gather intelligence, and leave the rest in the hands of God--

--and from now on, we don’t stop until the enemy is crushed. Not just turned back, or forced to retreat, or merely defeated--we don’t stop until the enemy is crushed.

No weapon is inappropriate. Risking a single soldier unnecessarily when a machine or weapon can do the job is no longer allowed. A bullet should not be used if a Maverick missile is available; a Maverick is not allowed if a laser-guided bomb is available; a Paveway is the wrong choice if a thermobaric weapon is handy; a tactical nuclear weapon is the preferred choice if a thermobaric bomb can’t do the job.

Death is death. Death by nuclear weapon is no more horrific than death by motor vehicle, or bullet… or hijacked airliner.

Our heads have not just been lifted or even pulled out of the sand--the entire sandbox has been destroyed around us, and we are left with a large gaping hole where the sand, the box, and our heads used to be. We can find another sandbox; we can rebuild the sandbox and stick our heads back in it… … or we can punish the ones who had the nerve to attack our homes and kill our innocent neighbors, and we should vow to protect and preserve our fellow citizens from now on with all the resources at our command.

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