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July 2002
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SITUATIONAL AWARENESS: Homeland Security: Stop the Political Correctness Game!


“WINGS OF FIRE” published by G.P. Putnam’s Sons is in bookstores July 1! Get it before they’re gone!

[Wings Of Fire] “WINGS OF FIRE” continues the story begun in “Warrior Class,” my 13th novel, where Patrick McLanahan, Dave Luger, Hal Briggs, and Chris Wohl have left the U.S. military and are now privateers--mercenaries--working for former U.S. President Kevin Martindale. Their first assignment: find out if Libya has plans to attack and occupy Salimah, a massive oil reserve in southern Egypt.

The “sneak and peek” operation goes horribly wrong, and now Patrick and the Night Stalkers are fighting for their own survival. Even with the world’s most incredible weapon at their disposal--the AL-52 Dragon airborne laser--the Night Stalkers must rely on a ghost in the desert to survive, defeat their enemies, and win back their captured forces.

But through all the battles, the toughest conflict facing Patrick McLanahan is one inside himself. He must make a terrible decision--one that affects the lives of his family and friends and which will change his life forever.


Henry Ferris at HarperCollins Publishing had some great suggestions and words of encouragement for me on “Air Battle Force.” The first draft will be in his hands soon, thanks to his support.

Henry also had kind words to say about “Dreamland: Razor’s Edge,” the first HarperCollins version of the Dreamland series.


July 2002

G.P. Putnam’s Sons Publishers is planning a book tour for the publication of Wings of Fire. Bookstores and media outlets interested in setting up an appearance, please contact Michael Barson at or Bob Rooney at Warren Cowan and Associates at Skybird: Penguin Putnam Inc. LOGO So far, Reno, NV and Sacramento, CA are on the list. I’ll post more details as we get them firmed up.

The publisher and the bookstores organize the events, and I support both in whatever they’d like to do. But I enjoy doing events where I contribute to the audience as much as they are contributing to us by buying my books.

So if you’re planning an event, may I make a suggestion: set up a few dozen chairs, invite a bunch of your best customers, and we’ll hang for awhile and talk about whatever they’d like to talk about: my books, the writing biz, swap war stories, talk about world events, flying, whatever.

July 1, 2002 -- Connie Martinsen Talks Books, taping in Los Angeles, CA

July 2, 2002 -- CNN’s “The Biz,” taping in Los Angeles, CA

Air Force Civic Leaders Tour, 18-19 July 2002

Sponsored by the Air Force, the 940th Air Refueling Wing, and the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, the Civic Leaders Tour welcomes civilians on a special VIP tour of Air Force operations. The purpose of the tour is to acquaint influential civilians “up close and personal” on day-to-day Air Force operations. Various Air Force units conduct these tours many times throughout the year all around the country.

The tour starts at Beale Air Force Base near Marysville, CA, with a tour of the Ninth Strategic Reconnaissance Wing and the U-2 Dragon Lady spy planes. The tour then loads up in a 940th Air Refueling Wing KC-135 Stratotanker and heads off to Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, NV. On the way, the tanker is tasked to perform air-refueling missions, and those on the tour get their turn in the refueling pod with the boom operator to watch the refueling. Although the refueling missions are scheduled ahead of time, you never know what might show up on the boom: you might be scheduled to refuel a B-52, but a KC-10 tanker, a B-2 stealth bomber, F-117 stealth fighter, or F-15 Eagle might show up as well! Skybird: Air Force Civic Leaders Tour LOGO

At Nellis AFB, the tour gets a look at unmanned reconnaissance aircraft operations with a tour of the Global Hawk unit. The tour also looks at the Red Flag Operations Center, which controls the world’s most extensive air combat war games; the USAF Thunderbirds Demonstration Team headquarters; and the Threat Museum, a look at enemy fighters and anti-aircraft weapons from around the world.

My old buddy Dennis Hall is the volunteer coordinator for the tour; he can be reached at

As usual, my book tour schedule and other real-world events determine if I can participate--but I’m looking forward to this tour as well!

July 26, 2002 National Physique Committee
USA Championships
Las Vegas NV
Johnny Morris
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July 30, 7 p.m. -- “M Is For Mystery” Bookstore, San Mateo, CA

August 2002 (tba) -- The Bookshelf, Tahoe City CA Skybird: Reno Air Racing Association LOGO
September 2002
The Reno National Championship Air Races, Reno, NV

I live just 40 minutes from Reno, but I’ve never been to the Air Races--an inexcusable omission that I plan to correct this year (I actually planned to go last year, but the September 11 terrorist attacks and the subsequent grounding of VFR aircraft led to cancellation). I finally did see the racecourse at Stead Airport near Reno, and believe me, you will be right in the middle of the action. See you there!

September 20-21 -- Great Basin Book Festival, Reno, NV

November 1-2 -- Las Vegas Book Festival, Las Vegas, NV

November 16-17 -- Solano County Authors Luncheon, to benefit Solano County Public Libraries and reading programs, Napa Valley, CA

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