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November 2002
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War Against Iraq: Air Power CAN Do It

MISSION PLAN: Scheduled Upcoming Events Calendar Skybird: Reno Film Festival
1 November --
Reno Film Festival,

Reno, NV.
My good friend, producer Craig Questa, is one of the organizers.

Visit: for more info. Skybird: Vegas Valley Book Festival
1-2 November --
Vegas Valley Book Festival,

Promenade Park, Henderson, NV
-- Visit: for more details

Me and my good friend, legendary techno-thriller writer Stephen Coonts, on stage together for an hour and a half talking about the writing biz. You’d better be there!

[IMAGE] 9 November --
Customer briefing on the Eclipse 500, Double Eagle II Field, Albuquerque, NM.

The Eclipse 500 personal twin turbojet aircraft made its first flight on 26 August 2002--and it signaled the beginning of the new era in general aviation. The Eclipse 500 is, I predict, going to turn the aviation world upside down. It represents personal jet air travel for the masses, an affordable owner-flown jet aircraft that will invigorate the general aviation industry and give thousands of persons another great travel option.

I don’t have a position on one yet--it costs $97,500 just to get in line for a plane that won’t even be certified until sometime at the end of 2004 and won’t be built until at least the year 2006--but almost 2,100 persons have already signed up for one, including over 1,300 persons who put down non-refundable deposits on a plane that hadn’t even existed at the time except in a computer program.

I may or may not get in line myself. What I’m waiting for: the opportunity to get what is now the state-of-the-art for pennies on the dollar once everyone starts buying Eclipse 500s. All those King Airs, Cheyennes, TBM-700s, PC-12s, and Piper Meridians will be flooding the market once their owners dump them in favor of the Eclipse 500!

16-18 November --
Solano County Book Fair & Authors Luncheon,

Fairfield, CA
to benefit Solano County Public Libraries and reading programs, Napa Valley, CA Skybird: Simcom C-421 Refresher Aircraft Systems Training
25-28 November --
Simcom C-421 Refresher Aircraft Systems Training

Visit: for more info.

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