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November 2002
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[ Skybird: La Jolla Writers Conference] About 70 writers turned out for the second annual La Jolla Writers Conference at the La Jolla Coves Suites in mid-October, conceived and organized by southern California literary publicist Antoinette Kuritz.

If you’ve attended other conferences like the Maui Writers Conference, you may have been disappointed at the lack of glitz and expansiveness, the cafeteria-style finale “banquet,” and having to share “classroom” space with my son’s G.I. Joes because my classes had to be held in my hotel suite. But if you like small, intimate groups, lots of opportunities to ask questions and give comments, and the excitement of being at what could soon be one of the premier West Coast writers conferences, the La Jolla Writers Conference is for you.

The highlights for me: meeting and speaking with Gayle Lynds and listening to her extraordinary insights into the life of a writer; getting a signed and inscribed book from Joseph Wambaugh; meeting incredible authors such as Chet Cunningham, who was hard at work on his two hundred and eighty-fourth book; and chatting with the folks who attended the classes I conducted.

To tell the truth, I never really thought much about the writing process--I just went ahead and wrote stories without giving much thought about how a story is assembled and finagled into place. The La Jolla Writers Conference gave me an opportunity to think about how a story is fashioned, and it gave me an opportunity to listen to other concepts and ideas on writing and to give my insights to others struggling to put the words on paper.

One day, when the La Jolla Writers Conference is the writers’ event of the year, we’ll reminisce fondly on the back-to-back pizza meals and finally learning that Room 150 is on the fifth floor, and be amazed that the Conference was ever that small or that intimate. See you next year!

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