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November 2002
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27 October -- I am absolutely blown away by Dale Brown's writing. I loved Silver Tower, Storming Heaven and Tin Man, but Battle Born was the best yet. Just bought Warrior Class so I will let you know what I think. I've sent short stories to, and someday I may take a shot at writing a manuscript. I would have thought that Hammerheads or Tin Man would have been a better place to start filming Patrick McClanahan's novels, but still. I can't wait. I wish him best of luck, and congratulations on his success so far.Will we ever see a sequel to Silver Tower?That would be absolutely amazing.

I think it’s about time Silver Tower was updated—the militarization of space is proceeding ahead rapidly, and the fight to control the ultimate “high ground” will be a whole new twenty-first century dynamic!

2 November -- Again, I thank you for appearing at the Henderson Book Fair. Having you and Steven Coonts on the same stage was really something special for me.

I thanked you for making Ian Hardcastle a Coast Guardsman (or I guess the must be Coast Guardpersons now). What I didn't say was that I was aide to a Coast Guard Admiral that acted like Hardcastle but certainly wasn't the man you had pictured. The late VADM Mark Whalen was about 5'7" and build kinda like a rectangle. He could and did make tough decisions and spoke his piece. I always carried a couple of his favorite cigars (Antony y Cleopatra - which he called Antony WYE Cleoparta) in my briefcase. Again thanks for making this a special Saturday.

Believe me, that was an incredible event for me as well! Stephen Coonts and his wife Deborah are special folks, and it was an absolute pleasure to spend the weekend with them.

Sir, First let me thank you, your books are never out of reach while overseas or at home, they make long duty periods go by just a bit faster. Well done on all of them!!! As a member of numerous tours in the former Yugoslavia and as an 18 yr. member of the CanadianForces (infantry) I for one can appreciate the role of the Combat Flier (s) while my mates and I are attempting to execute various missions assigned. It was comforting to hear the sound of jet engines overhead while standing on a checkpoint or during the Dvar Valley Riots (Bosnia 98) and while on my last tour in Kosovo (Dec 99-Aug 00). My battalion was involved in a giant kerfuffel (60,000 + pers) in the city of Mitrovica. Every once in a while the crowd would stop and look up, and overhead they would see a pair of fighters in a race track pattern. Now I know as an infantryman that the pilots were up there saying " Look there's where all the glory is " at least that's what we all figured they were saying. Anyway Sir from a Master Soil Technician I would like to say thank-you to you for the fine novels that you have produced and please pass on thank-yous to the folks that you may know that flew missions over the FRY. Keep up the good work. PRO PATRIA ( Our regimental motto Meaning FOR COUNTRY)

Dear Mr. Dale Brown:

My name is kemp lippert and I have read most of your books. I have also been to your web site many times, I would like to know when will the first AIR BATTLE FORCE come out?

“Air Battle Force” will be published by Morrow in June 2003.

16 December -- Who do you have in mind to play McLanahan? In FATAL TERRAIN you had a throwaway line about an F-22 pilot nicknaming his Bitchin' Betty "Sharon" because it sounded like Sharon Stone. Will there be any attempts to have her perform any Bitchin' Betty voiceovers in the film?

I would LOVE to get Sharon Stone to do voiceovers, except I probably couldn’t afford her!

My choice for Patrick: Ethan Hawke. I think he should’ve gotten the Oscar for “Training Day!”

12 December -- I wrote to you many years ago when I was first starting to read your books and only a junior high student in New Hampshire. I mentioned that I dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot and flying F-14's for the Navy. You answered that by the time I got through school, they would be all but gone. I am now a freshman at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and am part of the NROTC Battalion here and have read all your books. You were quite right, not much chance to fly Tomcats anymore. Thank you for indulging me in that first part there. The real reason why I wrote is because I was wondering about upcoming novels. I know Wings Of Fire came out last July, and is there a new novel (Air Battle Force ?)coming soon? I was confused by the talk of a film from your website. I was merely curious if there is a new novel soon and possibly a film .... Thank you very much for you time and attention.

The film project is still “in development,” as they say. Watch the sky! In the meantime, I will continue to write until I drop!

Robert Gottlieb
Trident Media Group
(212) 262-4810

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