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February 2003
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Dear, Mr. Brown:

I hope you get this, even though it is not of any importance. My name is Andy and im 14, I've been reading your books for a while now and I am thrilled and captured by your creative genius and technological know-how. Your books have inspired me to strive for my goals and increase my knowledge of politics and international event's in the world today. Of course this letter isn't just another of those suck-up-trip letters. I was wondering if u have ever had the thought of making a movie from one of your novels. I think that if u did decide to that u would get the support, even if u didn't, u could always hit up Tom Clancy for some money! I find it interesting how both of your writing stiles are very similar. If u two joined together to fight the evils of bad literary novels who claim to be techno-thrillers, you will definitely succeed in making a movie. Well, thanks for listen to me ramble on but I've always wanted to talk to u somehow. Well, I guess I'll cya later. Oh what one more thing do the dreamland novels coincide with the rest of the series or is it a separate mini series. Well, thanks for your time.

Sincerely, A dedicated reader


Dear Andy:

First, my young friend, we need to do something about your spelling, usage, and grammar. I realize a lot of folks use abbreviations in things like e-mail, but don’t be tempted to use it in your correspondence. Yeech.

I would love to work with Tom Clancy on a book or movie project—not because he has the money, but because I think we could come up with a really interesting and exciting story. Maybe someday it’ll happen.

“Dreamland” is a separate series of stories developed by Jim DeFelice and myself. The ideas are ours; the words are his; we share in the editing, the exchange of ideas and input on plot and character, and the credit.

GBA, Dale Brown

Hello Mr Brown,

Well I haven't ever done this before but I thought what the heck why not. My name is Lyell Cochrane and am 37 years of age living in Australia I discovered your books only this year ( yeah I know where have I been all those years) with Hammerheads and I thought wow what a story and the action and suspense was fantastic. Since that fatal day I have read Tin Man and Wings of Fire and yes I know I'm not reading them in order but you get that.

I just wish to say thank you for giving me sheer pleasure and enjoyment, I totally am enthralled with your character building and all of your story lines are ambitious and thought evoking. I strongly recommend your novels to those around me that read and are thankful for the tip.

I look forward to many more great readings as I have heaps to catch up with in your back catalogue, keep doing what you are doing.

Best wishes


Thanks, Lyell. I love the magic of the Internet—feedback and mail from readers all over the world!

GBA, Dale Brown

Dale Brown-

I am 15yrs old and I live in Washington state. I started to read you novels a few months ago. You have a great ability for writing. no other books have ever been able to capture my attention, let alone make me sit down after school and read the entire book. I have about 3 or your novels left to read and to tell you the truth, I am kind of disappointed, because I wont have anymore of your great books until you finish some more-so never stop writing! please! In my American Studies class at emerald ridge high school we are required to read 2 books a semester, in fact I have already read 6 and have 3 weeks left. I get so enthralled in your books I cant put them down. You write the best novels I have ever read, thank you for what you have done and will continue to do.


Thanks for your e-mail, Dan. There is nothing better I like hearing than a young guy or girl getting into reading, and I’m glad to see that my books helps someone get excited about reading.

GBA, Dale Brown


A quick note to tell you I really enjoy your books! Of course, as a former FB-111A troop, "CHAINS OF COMAND" in my opinion, is you best and I have read it seveal times. When you were a nav in Plattsburgh with the 380th I met you several times when I was on SUPER BEE, ( the launch and recovery truck) as an Avionics technician in WCIN, (IBNS, ARS,TRF, ect.). Your book brought back lots of fond memories of the '111 and P'burgh as I was there 1976 through 1980. In your book when you talked about "Afterburners" and the bed and breakfast, were there actual places you were refering to? From what I have heard from friends still living in Plattsburgh, that place has changed considerably since the Air Force pulled out. I hope to fly up there later this summer once I finish up my pilots license to visit.


Thanks for the note, Randy—but I was in Plattsburgh in 1983-84, so we probably didn’t meet up. Plattsburgh was an incredible place to serve in the Air Force—unfortunately, it is one of the many bases I’ve served at that are closed, along with all the bombers I’ve flown in that are now in the Boneyard.

Many of the locations I described in “Chains of Command” really exist. I didn’t live on base when I was in Combat Crew Training at Plattsburgh for the FB-111A bomber—I lived right downtown, in a cold and lonely studio apartment over Peabody’s Bar, down the street from Mother’s Nightclub. I did lots of mission planning at Peabody’s, and spent many other hours down there waiting for the super when I’d lock myself out of my apartment taking out the garbage. The city of Plattsburgh played Christmas carols on loudspeakers downtown, and there was nothing more peaceful and charming than walking the snow-filled streets of Plattsburgh late at night listening to Christmas carols while walking home after a long day of classes or flying…

… except if it happened right when the bars emptied out at two a.m. Plattsburgh has more bars per block than any city on Earth, I believe.

GBA, Dale Brown

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