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5 December 2005


i just stardted reading your books this past summer, starting with Air Battle Force. since then i have read Hammerheads, Chains of Comand, Storming Heaven, and Shadows of Steel though Plan of Attack, Which i just finshed today. i was wondering if you knew where i could get copies of the Old Dog, Silver Tower, Day of the Cheeta and Skymasters.

I also wanted to know if we will be seeing anymore of Patrick McLanahan.

Copies of the Donald I Fine Inc. and early Putnam hardcover editions are very hard to come by. I search eBay and other online bookstore and buy copies for myself whenever I can.

I have considered selling signed copies of my novels, as well as T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc., in my own online store. What do you think?

8 December 2005

Love your books.

Is there a book covering the closing the HAWC or is this a side note?

HAWC, the High Technology Aerospace Weapons Center, was never shut down. Following the incidents depicted in "Day of the Cheetah" and portrayed in more detail in the "Dreamland" series, the military aircraft and weapon research center was in danger of closing many times, due to the Kenneth Francis James spy incident scandals as well as large budget cuts, but it is still in operation now and will be featured in future novels, both in my series and in the "Dreamland" series co-written by Jim DeFelice.

9 December 2005

note,on the first page of the prologue [in "The Tin Man"],that you make a statement "severly burned by caustic acid." As a chemist, I know there are caustic materials,such as NaOH(sodium hydroxide,or caustic soda), and the opposite: acids,such as HCl(hydrochloric acid).Caustics are basic,having pH values from 7 to 14(pH 7 is neutral).Acids are from 0 to 7 pH. A material cannot be both caustic and acid!

The word "caustic" as an adjective means "corrosive," but in chemistry terms "caustic" indeed refers to things that have a pH value of greater than 7. "Corrosive" might have been a better choice of words.

15 December 2005

Hi Dale

I really enjoy ure books, im sure lots of people say that to you, but its very true

may I thank you though for a) good books

but b) if it wasn't for your battle born book I wouldn't be interested in books, and the fact that reading helped my vocab, spelling and grammar for my English exam over 4 years ago now and wouldn't be at uni doing a degree in human geography.

so thank you

im trying to get into other authors, I like ure series dreamland, wish the would mix it up a little with Patrick mind, who I really like seems a very cool guy.

can you answer me a couple of questions?

1) Is Patrick ever going to appear in command again?

2) What book you working on right now?

3) was there another book in between Battle born and the and warrior class, because I though there was a book about a Chinese invasion but I never read it after battle born because it disappeared, did you write it?

anyway thanks very much, keep up the good work, look forward to the next one! I always on check Amazon for a new dale brown book

So Goodbye, Happy Christmas and a happy new year

Yes, Patrick McLanahan, Dave Luger, Rebecca Furness, Maureen Hershel, and Kevin Martindale will return.

I am working on "Book #19" (title is classified for now). More info on it as it gets closer to completion.

There were no books between "Battle Born" (1999) and "Warrior Class" (2000). The Chinese invaded Taiwan in my novel "Fatal Terrain" (1997) and invaded the Philippines in my novel "Sky Masters" (1991).

20 December 2005

(from a reader in South Africa)

Dear Mr. Brown

Ever since I was a young boy of only 3 years, I have wanted to become a pilot. Yet fate has caused lady luck noot to smile apon me YET, and I am thus at age 22 still stranded on the ground. I would however like to thank you for writing the books that you do. It provides me with hours of pleasure and while reading them I can let my imagination run wild often ending up in the cockpit myself. I just have one question to you. As a keen collector of your books, and I am proud to say that I now own every single one of them that you have ever written, how will I be able to find out when you have published a new book? Hope you and your family have a very good christmas, and a prosporous new year.

The best place to know about new and upcoming books is to STAY TUNED to this Web site!

Book sites on the Web like and Barnes & Noble ( are good at notifying readers of upcoming books and pre-ordering books, so they will be one of the first to get one (even before myself in most cases!).

27 December 2005

I truly enjoy all of your books and hope that all of the wonderful technology that you write about is true or close to being invented. how close are we to Nirt Sats and Plasma Yield weapons? Do we have Mega Fortresses and planes that can shoot down missiles with lasers? How about B.I.R.P. siuts? I am an Marine Engineer and get a lot of time to read your books. I am also a former U.S. Marine. Thank you for your engaging and fun books.

The Megafortress I depicted in "Flight of the Old Dog" almost 20 years ago may be getting a new lease on life as a flying battleship, according to a 13 June 2005 article in "Air Force Times." The B-52 is already getting a Litening target tracking pod to detect and track targets at night, and there are numerous proposals around the Pentagon to give B-52s (and C-17 cargo planes) the capability to launch and recover small unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

NIRTSats (Need It Right This Second Satellites) have been around for many years, and the trend is definitely to design, build, and deploy more like them rather than always following the "bigger is better" doctrine of the past. Small experimental satellites such as MSTI (Miniature Sensor Technology Integrator) and GFO (GEOSAT Follow-On) launched by small tactical boosters point the way towards more small satellite designs.

The YAL-1A Airborne Laser completed its first flight test in 2005 and the laser has been test-fired several times. The laser, focusing mirrors, and targeting lasers are now being integrated into the Boeing 747 airframe with a 2007 first airborne test firing and a projected 2012 operational date.

The original airframe for the laser was supposed to be a B-52 bomber, which is why I use the B-52 as an airborne laser aircraft in my novel "Wings of Fire." Skybird: Dale Brown’s Ops Report
BERP (Ballistic Electro-Reactive Process) body armor is on the way. Check out the Japanese exo-skeleton in this photo:

and check out the articles at and,14632,Soldiertech_Liquid,,00.html.

The technology is not that far away!

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Act Of War (June 2005)

ACT OF WAR introduces a whole new hero and a new conflict to techno-thriller fans around the world.

A series of deadly terrorist attacks in the United States and South America--including a nuclear attack near Houston, Texas--has the entire world on red alert. The attacks appear to be targeting an American energy company, but the terror group that calls itself GAMMA seems to be more than the anti-globalization, pro-environmental activists it claims to be.

Enter U.S. Army Major Jason Richter and his partner, Dr. Ariadna Vega of the Army Research Lab's Infantry Transformational BattleLab. These two young engineers have designed and built a land combat system designed to replace an entire motorized infantry squad: CID, or Cybernetic Infantry Device, a piloted robot with the speed and firepower of a weaponized Humvee, the strength of a bulldozer, and the agility of a special ops commando.

The hard-charging National Security Adviser, Robert Chamberlain, pairs Richter and Vega up with an FBI intelligence expert, Special Agent Kelsey DeLaine, and a veteran special ops expert, Command Sergeant Major Ray Jefferson, to form Task Force TALON, the first joint military-FBI unit charged with hunting down and stopping terrorists anywhere in the world. With CID's speed, power, weaponry, and amazing capabilities, combined with the talents of the U.S. Army and the investigative skills of the world's greatest detective agency, TALON is designed to put terrorists on the run around the globe.

But putting conflicting and single-minded personalities like Richter and DeLaine together is like mixing oxygen and gasoline: do it right and it produces horsepower--do it wrong, and it creates an explosion. Even the National Security Adviser can't seem to control his team. Can Task Force TALON survive long enough to hunt down GAMMA and its secret puppetmaster, the shadowy Consortium, before the next deadly attack?

"The novels of Dale Brown brim with violent action, detailed descriptions of sophisticated weaponry and political intrigue... His ability to bring technical weaponry to life is amazing."
--San Francisco Chronicle

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