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Happy summer! Good to submit a new newsletter--it's been a long time in coming.

Novel number 18, Edge of Battle, did very well in sales, supported by the folks at Morrow/HarperCollins. Thanks especially to my HarperCollins publicist Eryn Wade for all her hard work and support. She set up a very successful four week-long satellite radio schedule which included two hours on "Coast To Coast AM" with George Noory and a handful of Air America radio stations as well, which was a challenge I gratefully and eagerly accepted. There were a lot of late-night and pre-dawn interviews to catch the big East Coast stations' drive-time and prime-time audiences, which I was very grateful and happy to do as well.

I was able to fly the Cessna P210 to several out of town publicity events, including two multi-stop all-day flying trips. It's great to utilize the plane to its fullest extent--there is no way I could've done the schedule without it. The airlines have cut back service to all except the biggest and busiest markets, and if your destination isn't one of those cities, you're forced to reschedule your events or fly red-eyes followed by long rental car rides. With the plane, I was able to get to all my West Coast cities with comfort and go to early-morning and late-night events with no problem.

The sharp rise in fuel prices--aviation gas is 20% to 40% more expensive than automobile gas--has forced a cutback on my flying quite a bit. I still fly for proficiency, but it's more likely to be 6 hours a month rather than 10, and the fun trips--the so-called "$100 hamburgers" that have grown lately to $200--have almost disappeared.

But doing less flying has probably resulted in doing more writing, which will make my editor happy and so is a very good thing. I am well underway with book #19, with its still-classified title (I'm not even sure if my editor knows it, or if he is he hasn't commented on it yet). As with Edge of Battle, world events are catching up with the plot of the book, which is very exciting. Hopefully like Edge I'll have another novel come out that closely mirrors real-world events.

Lake Tahoe completely skipped spring this year. The last significant snowfall was on May 27th, and we went from cold rain to beautiful sunny skies and warm days immediately afterwards. Lake Tahoe is still receiving significant mountain runoff and has reached its natural rim for the first time in almost 10 years. It's so beautiful here in the summer that it almost makes up for the cold, snowy winters.

The summer is flying by, and I'm feeling the pressure of yet another looming deadline. Despite the deadline, I'm taking off for two weeks in August to do something I thought I'd never do: ride my Honda Gold Wing from Lake Tahoe to Sturgis, South Dakota, for The 2006 Black Hills Motorcycle Rally. I plan on taking lots of pictures and videos and I'll give a full report in a special Ops Report in mid-August. Wish me luck!

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Edge Of Battle (May 2006)

Violence and tensions along the U.S.-Mexican border have never been higher, sparked by battles between rival drug lords and an increased flow of illegal migrants. To combat the threat, the U.S. has executed Operation Rampart: a controversial test base in southern California run by Major Jason Richter and members of Task Force TALON.

But their success is thretened by a drug kingpin and migrant smuggler named Enrique Fuerza, and the Mexican president, a nationalist who causes a storm of controversy on both sides of the border, calling for a revolution to take back the northernmost "Mexican states"-the southwest U.S.

Soon Richter and his force are reassigned to the FBI to investigate the murders of several Border Patrol agents-a deadly mission that will set off a wave of bloodshed that threatens to become an all-out guerrilla war.

The "best military adventure writer in the country today" (Clive Cussler) takes it to the terrorists with high tech firepower in this electrifying new military thriller.

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